Finding Our Balance: Vibes don’t lie

For this month’s installment of “finding our balance” I picked the saying “vibes don’t lie.”

Three simple words that hit me hard at first glance. It encouraged me to think about my non-verbal communication, the tone of my voice, and even my posture – almost an evaluation of what I am portraying to my colleagues, employees, friends, and family. My mother would probably call it an “attitude adjustment!”

What vibes did I send this morning? How did I interact with employees when I walked in the door? How did I sound on the phone with my mom this morning, as we finalized holiday plans?  It’s snowing currently in Alabama, so I was on a family group text of funny videos and photos as I pulled into my parking space. I know those videos certainly put a smile on my face, which helped me muster the chilling walk-turned-sprint from my car to my office. I certainly hope I smiled as I flung my umbrella by the door and felt the warmth of the office!

What are YOU putting out there today? Good vibes, or bad vibes? That’s how people see you in this moment. And, it might just be the way they will remember you forever. Our vibes are defining, as subtle or as loud as they can be.

As we approach the holiday season, let’s challenge each other to be a little extra warm this holiday season, and send as many positive vibes as we can. Give another hug to your family. Smile even bigger when you open a gift. Be thankful. Let’s make sure we are putting positive vibes out there for our family and friends as we strive for balance this December.

In the words of Mother Teresa, “Let know one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.”

Other Updates:

  • Our chapter’s by-law changes were accepted, so we will need a vote from our members to approve. Stay tuned on how we move this forward.
  • Tonight is our annual Holiday Toast on the Coast! We have some GREAT silent auction items, so bring those CC’s and get ready to finish off that Christmas list.
  • Don’t forget ER for PR is our next big event in January. Details coming soon.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. See you tonight!



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