I have a new obsession: Hot Yoga. I used to practice M/W/F in Nashville at this awesome studio, and I just got out of rhythm and had a hard time getting back in it once I moved to the beach. Honestly, I have been a little more about finding a spot for rosé on the patio than “downward dog.” But, I have found my love for it again.  In fact, I’ve even signed up for an 80-day yoga challenge—yes, you read that correctly. 80 days of hot yoga. Challenge is right!

I can only imagine how distracting I am in my yoga sessions. I laugh at myself when I fall out of a standing split. I have no doubt that I grunt when I plant my feet from “Plank” to “Warrior 2” or anytime the instructor says it’s “chaturanga” time. Let’s just be real – it ain’t pretty. But, I get really great ideas while I’m practicing.

One idea I had during my 6 am session this morning falls right in line with the quote for this month:
The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it.

In today’s practice, I fell out of “Warrior 3” four times. And, I could feel it coming. My leg was wobbling, my ankle was unsteady, even my toes were wiggling as I tried to maintain the pose. I couldn’t hold it. I lost my balance and had to come out of the position.

But I didn’t fall out on the floor and cause a huge commotion. I didn’t feel defeated. I didn’t walk out of class. I accepted the fact that I didn’t have my balance. I just pulled my extended foot back down. I breathed. And, tried it again. And again. And again.

Isn’t that true of life? We know when we’ve lost our balance. I find myself recognizing that rut, that uneasiness, that weird gut feeling — and thinking “Oh no, Julie — you are offfffff today!”

You are going to lose your balance – in life, in your job, with your friends, maybe even with your family. But, the good news is as soon as we can identify that unbalance, we can put into action our regrouping process.

The next time you feel like you are losing your balance, try to figure out why you are off.  What’s the stressor? What’s the issue? Are you just exhuasted? Are you holding on to something that you need to let go of? Are you surrounding yourself with people that you love? What can get you back to you?

Then just stop, put that one foot back down, breathe, and find your balance again.