Finding Our Balance: Let’s learn to dance

My quote for the month: Life’s a dance between making it happen and letting it happen.

In my opinion, the fall season might just be the busiest time in Northwest Florida. Anyone else agree? Between beer fests and bloody mary fests and fall breaks and new business openings and pop up product launches… everyone – myself included – is a complete stress ball. I know I say this phrase all the time: I’ll make it happen. If there’s a void, I’ll fill out. If there’s an issue, I’ll find a solution. If it’s a problem, I’ll fix it. As a leader and decision maker, all I want to do is keep moving the ship forward.

But, what happens when we remember that our goals, both personal and professional, are really quite simple? We aren’t required to micromanage every small detail. We need to let our teams and volunteers help us. We need to teach them responsibility. We aren’t required to be every place at once.  In fact, even without traffic, it’s pretty impossible. And, we have to know that there are some things in this world that are completely beyond our control. I’m looking at you Irma, Harvey and Nate.

Whether we are making things happen or letting them happen, the situation is always an opportunity to build character. It makes us stronger. It ultimately shapes us.

As we continue to find our balance this year, let’s all learn how to dance.

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