Accreditation & Certification

Interested in Earning Your Accreditation in Public Relations?

Being Accredited is a big deal and your local chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association offers APR mentoring and professional development for candidates interested in earning this esteemed credential.

96% of accredited professionals find the APR credential valuable.

Accreditation sets professionals apart for providing strategic counsel and understanding the public relations four step process, including research, planning, implementation and evaluation. Accredited individuals have credibility with their peers, the media and other professionals for operating under best practices whether it’s in a crisis situation or day-to-day communications.

The Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSAs) tested on are as follows:

  • Research, planning, implementing and evaluating programs
  • Ethics and law
  • Communication models and theories
  • Business literacy
  • Management skills and issues
  • Crisis communication management
  • Media relations
  • Using information technology efficiently
  • History of and current issues in public relations
  • Advanced communication skills
You can review the KSAs tested on the exam at this link:
Apply for eligibility at or email your local APR Chair at